About Redak

Redak is a company specialized in analyzing, maintenance and repair of rotor blades.Our company has its seat in the Netherlands and operates worldwide. We can state that, with over 20 years of experience, our service is based on broad expertise and detailed knowledge of all aspects of rotor blades. Redak is continuously searching for improvement, both in technical solutions as well as development of skills within the company.  For years Redak has been operating both nationally and internationally.

We had the opportunity to show our proficiency worldwide. From 1995 until now, we perform the yearly maintenance for Dutch Energy Corporation Palm Springs, California (U.S.A.). These turbines have been built 20 years ago.  Because of this yearly maintenance the turbines are guaranteed a prolonged lifespan. Every damage to the blades, however the extent, we will repair in time.

Redak repairs the blades for Vestas and is certified by Vestas.
The past 10 years we inspected and repaired the blades for Vestas.  We are also still involved with Vestas in The Netherlands, Belgium, Aruba, Curacao, Costa Rica, Chile, Argentina, Jamaica, Kenia and since 3 years also in South Africa.

We give a warranty on every repair, executed by our company. Also, the repairs will be reporded.

All over the world